With a vision of developing qualitative experiences in tourism, Coral Retreats Private Limited has its foot into the only Tourism district in India Sindhudurg; In the land rich with flora and fauna and historicity which still prevails in its Malvani culture.

Coral retreats private limited brings to you Coral Village and the Coral club in its lush 46 acre property at Wairy, Malvan barely 300 meters from the expansive sea beaches at Tarkarli. An idea unparallel to most in the tourism industry, Coral Village will become an interpretation center for the district Sindhudurg where luxury of living meets the daily actualities of the locale.

Coral Retreats Private Limited is a company of the larger Sankalp Group which has several companies working in the area of rural empowerment, habitation and infrastructural development with larger agendas of conservation and development of local resources and culture, arresting the ever problematic migratory concerns. Sankalp group is committed to support its initiative of cornering the climate change with greener technologies in its development of Coral Village.