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Coral village will have uninterrupted power supply even as load-shedding is becoming a perpetual phenomenon. With a view to making the project sustainable in long run windmills will be installed to generate renewable energy. Solar energy plants will also be installed to tap another source of natural power. This will also facilitate keep the environment clean.

Each villa will be illuminated with the energy-saving compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) devices. Moreover, power-saving gadgets, appliances and equipments will be used in the entire projects. Propane generators, refrigerators and underground propane tanks, evaporated coolers, natural ventilation and reverse cycle air-conditioners will be used. Plans are afoot to provide vegetables and fruits cultivated through organic farming within the project area. Drip irrigation system will be used in the farming. Rain water harvesting technology will be implemented in the surround area to keep the underground water bed intact.